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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Marketing's biggest day... The Super Bowl

Today is the day advertising professionals live for. Super Bowl Sunday is here! The creativity of advertisers have made this event more about the advertising than football. Major networks will air the commercials during their newscasts around the globe and the commercials themselves will become viral on the Internet and I will do my bit and show you a few:
There are many more than this, but you will see the common thread is humorous and entertaining spots that speak very little to the product, but do capture a feeling about the product. They key to advertising now is a feeling a product gives you. Even if you don't have Millions to spend on epic television commercials, your ads should speak to a simple message of how your product or service makes you feel. Tag an emotion to your ads and they will sing back long after you run them. The VW commercials themselves actually sing back to a popular commercial they ran during a previous Superbowl:

You may also ask yourself how marketers know whether the ads work or not? A simple increase in sales, even of 1% shows them it works. After all would you stop in and tell the VW dealer that you came in and bought this $20,000 because you saw a dog chase a car during the Superbowl? Probably not, but you did in part. It takes 7 impressions get action in most cases. Asking customers how they found out about you only paints part of the picture. Chances are they will only give you one impression, not all 7. They may even say, "I heard" something about your business, which may have been from an ad. Enjoy the Super Bowl, the spectacle and keep attune to how the whole event and the commercials make you feel, because that is the key to you what you want to achieve with your ads. Until Next time, I am Larry "The Ad Man"


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