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Sunday, February 19, 2012

1984, George Orwell's landmark achievement. Steve Jobs too!

Inspired again by Terry O'Reilly's CBC radio show "Under the Influence" where he speaks of Steve Jobs marketing genius (Part 1 of 2 ran yesterday) and how his landmark commercial, 1984, will not be like 1984, made me think of the originator of the book, author George Orwell.
Mr. Orwell's story in many ways is a parallel for Steve Jobs. Both thought outside the box, against conventional wisdom. Both had ideas rejected by others and stayed with their convictions until their vision was realized. "Animal Farm" and "1984" were written many years before a publisher had the vision to publish them. Both books were groundbreaking and have lessons that continue today about the fragility of democracy and how hard we need to work to keep the ideals of democracy alive. Complacency is it's greatest enemy.

With Apple and Steve Jobs, again it's a parallel. Instead of democracy, it's business. Complacency was Jobs greatest enemy in business. He always spoke out against it. When he came back to Apple in 1997, he told the executive they were better than this and he needed to see some innovation or heads would roll. Complacency, the safe route, would not be tolerated. He put Apple back on the map as an innovator of products, but also as a Bold marketer.

As I have said in many Blogs before, your business must live up to your marketing. In George Orwell's case, where he has written about the challenges of communism and technology taking over the world, this helped society make sure neither was the case. If people had let Communism or Big Brother take over, his words and books would not have stood the test of time. In the case of Apple and Steve Jobs, if the innovative products had met with safe, boring commercials, or his products were boring, with fantastic advertising, the success Apple had as a corporation or as a changer of everyday society would also be greatly diminished. See Apple's performance as a business when Jobs was let go.

So as a small business, if you wish to grow, you must think like Jobs and Orwell or spend the rest of your business career in a safe environment that is vulnerable to the changes in paradigms. Stick to your vision and convictions, whatever they may be. Until next time, I am Larry "The Ad Man"


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