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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Buzz words 101

Buzz words and jargon is a long held staple of the advertising business. Trendy statements that fit an era are often seen in advertisements, dating the ad. With today's online media, bringing back some of these old ads, might it not have been advisable to stay away from dating the ad, so it can work in future years?

One of these trendy statements that seem to fit a certain type of business that MANY want to stay clear of is "Make easy money!" "Making $$$" or "making thousands of $ per month part time". These are the mantra statements of the multi level marketing field and many online social media are resurrecting them to collect followers in the hope of a big payday. Another one online marketers are using is "deal". I have more "deal" followers on twitter in the last week than anything else. Saving or making money is what these marketers promise. However, the average online consumer is more interested in finding something that ads value and is authentic and will be there long term, not a fly by night, make a quick $, save $ type of business.

So how does this translate into your business? Your advertising? OWN your buzz words. Don't follow, lead. That will be the standard in long term marketing success. Don't buy into the idea that someone made x thousand dollars in a month using these buzz words or that they have 20,000 followers on Twitter. In fact, on a personal note, nothing will draw me away faster than the promise of making HUGE money and a 90% discount.

Each industry has it's own buzz words and phrases. Some have lasted the test of time and work, but the key or the magic of advertising is to set yourself apart from your competition. be different, be authentic and stay away from jargon and buzz words and you have a chance of gaining a loyal customer. Until next time, I am "Larry The Ad Man"

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