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It was an honor to be nominated for 2011 Canadian Weblog Awards.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blogging, an unmeasurable marketing tool. For me

As I write this and spend time on it, week in week out, I can not tell you there there are any sales of advertising that I can directly attribute to it. Has someone found my Blog and e mailed me to advertise? Not to my knowledge, but perhaps? Has someone mentioned that they referred me because of what they read in my Blog? Not yet? So why am I doing this? Taking time on a Sunday to write these ideas, thoughts and tips? Well, I have gotten some decent feedback from friends and some colleagues and that's always nice. I am developing a profile on the Internet with this, my facebook account and Twitter. I've been nominated for A Canadian weblog award. And when I go and see a new client I ask them to read my Blogs so that they have some more understanding of the way I think about advertising and we can start on the same page. I am not sure that goal is resonating either? I'd love to see a comment from a client here.... I was asked to Blog for The Huffington Post recently, which must have been on the back of this Blog. And I have 49 Blog posts that will be up for all to read that will keep working for me in some way.

So even though the reason I started Blogging has not been what I had hoped, other opportunities have come along which have been positive. So why should you Blog? That is a great question. If your business is related to the news in any way, is evolving in any way, or have a very technical product, then Blogging is probably a good use of your time. Picking up on current news items and relating them to your business is a great way to get attention. Your Blogs may actually serve as a Press Release and the media may pick up on it? Remember to use Twitter to promote your Blog posts. It has been my best way of getting traffic. A good headline will get you a reader on Twitter.

If you have a product that has many uses or is difficult to use, the Blog may not only help your current customers, but help people that may have decided against your product due to its complexity.

Like many things on the Internet, keep it flexible and your goals fluid and ready to change and you will become a successful Blogger, although you may have to redefine your definition of success. Commit to it and be authentic. Until next time, I am Larry "The Ad Man".

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