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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Getting attention during local festivals and events.

Many businesses will shut their doors or trim staff during large local festivals, but there is an argument for putting out a larger effort in gaining attention during these lean times in order to start the momentum of your after festival time. One innovative way during the Calgary Stampede was a local media agency starting up  .  The company has received a bit of media attention and several local media have driven people to the site. They made it simple for people to participate, simply requiring people to post a hash tag  #stampede when posting photo's on Twitter. It then is automatically added to the website. A great free service that will keep people remembering the business. Like this Blog, where I offer free and hopefully helpful hints for small business in hopes that the reader remembers Larry "The Ad Man".
Another neat promotion I saw, was during Sam Steele days in Cranbrook, BC. During the opening parade, A Telus fan drove between a band and a float. I noticed some kids running up to the van and running back to the curb. I then realized that the van was covered with colourful frogs (you may have seen in the TV commercials) attached with magnet feet. Kids would run up to the van and grab them. Brilliant. Another twist on that I noticed recently, my neighbor, started a business called Tossy Tossy. Her car is painted with the logo and colours beautifully, but the savvy marketer decoratively adds fridge magnets for people to take, complete with all the businesses info.

Summer time can be a time for R and R and take it easy, but you can also speed up and go past your competition if you get creative. Until next time, I am Larry "The Ad Man".

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