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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Take advantage of your opportunities.

In days gone by, businessmen would read the morning newspaper at breakfast time, each and every weekday morning. In many cases what was contained therein may have affected how they did their job that day or even changed the way the company pursued their business. While newspapers are still widely read and television followed, the online world is also a consideration. Spending an hour every morning, surfing your social media, websites and news outlets, local and international, may help you to re focus, energize or simply get attention for your business.
Timing may be the key in taking advantage of these opportunities, being flexible to be able to implement a new idea is the essential. In many cases, the first company wins. An example of one such opportunity was found on Twitter. It was announced in Calgary that Rick Hansen would be the parade Marshall for the Calgary Stampede Parade. Knowing full well I had already written a Blog with the "Man in Motion" as an example of an inspiring figure, I tweeted, facebooked and LinkedIn the message that I had written this Blog and traffic increased that day, quite dramatically. Topical, timely news of any sort, when melded correctly with your business can be a huge advantage over the competition. Take the time out to spend with the news and an opportunity may fall in your lap? Until next time, I'm Larry "The Ad Man"

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