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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Create your business image and don't deviate.

When putting together a business plan, one should consider the business image you wish to portray. Is low pricing your mantra or is high level service where you want to go? Both are opposing ideas and you can't go both ways, obviously, BUT one thing you should never do is go back and forth with your image. You must keep your image consistent in your advertising including all social media and web marketing. With instant communication via the Internet it is ever so important that you walk the walk that you broadcast in your advertising mediums. A bad meal or slow service at a restaurant will make it onto the web in no time. With pictures and video possibilities.

If your business is YOU, then you have to be more careful, even in your personal life. Building an image of yourself as a business like I do, can take years to establish and 5 minutes to destroy and you may have not done anything wrong. Bad word of mouth by someone that may feel wronged can damage your reputation and you may never be aware of it.

Be mindful of events you may attach your business to. If you have donated items for a silent auction or advertise your business at such events, make certain it fits your business image. Also, the type of promotions you may wish to bring into your business. Consider a WWE wrestler at an opening for a play school? Probably not the best meshing of images?

So for you small business owners out there, be careful of who you do business with and what you say about your business. Make sure they are consistent messages and your success will build over time. Patience is the key to making this happen, You can`t build an image overnight. Until next time I`m Larry "The Ad Man"

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