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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Keep an eye on the Paradigm.

I recently visited my grandfathers homeland, Barbados and attended the Concorde Experience, a museum at the Airport with a real Concorde aiplane minus the fluids and engines. A fascinating experience. Some trivia for you before I get into marketing. Firstly, I had no idea, the 4 continuous desinations of the Concorde included New York, Paris, London and Barbados. The British Airways Concorde came twice on Saturday's from London's Heathrow Airport, during peak seasons. Barbados was the destination that coined the marketing phrase, "Get There Before you Leave". A 9AM takeoff at Heathrow got you to Barbados at 8:50AM Barbados time. Just under 4 hours for trip that would be 8 hours by regular jet.
The marketing of this mode of transportation was remarkable. The cost was very high to travel at twice the speed of sound and early runs of this plane were far from full. Air France and British Airways, the 2 main airlines to run them, decided to offer a full, gourmet meal service and high end, better than first class service on the flights, and the rich and famous flocked to the Corcorde. I recall during the worldwide concert event, Live Aide, Phil Collins performed in England, got on the Concorde and flew to the US to perform there as well. The Concorde was established then as "THE" way to fly if you could afford it. Prior to each flight, the flight crew speculated as to which famous person would be on board that day.
Where the Paradigm shifted, not once but twice for the Concorde, spelled the end of this mode of transportation. First, there was a spectacular plane crash shortly after takeoff at Charles De Gualle airport in Paris. All Concorde's were grounded until the investigation was concluded. It was determined debris from another aircraft got into the engine to cause the accident. The planes finally got back rolling, but passenger numbers declined, then September 11th 2001 and the severe drop in air travel caused the planes to roll into retirement and into the museum phase of their lives. The last flight was the 26th of November, 2003.

Another famous Paradigm shift came for the Swiss watch makers. Japanese companies began to produce digital watches and the Swiss watch companies ignored them, thinking they would not make an impact on their market. Fast forward to the mid eighties and the Swiss watch industry was devistated. Too late to make a change and unwilling to produce digital watches, a brilliant marketer came up with "SWATCH" a new tredy watch that took the world by storm. Today the Paradigm has swung back and the Swiss are doing well in the industry it once called it's own.
So watch the Paradigms in your industry closely as well as those in the world around you. Some industries make fortune's on changin world Paradigms. The Stock market and currency traders are 2 examples. Keep an eye on those guys!! Until next time, I am Larry "The Ad Man".

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