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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Don't get stuck in a "system"

To fill in my new readers, not familiar with what I do, I sell advertising in Community Newsletters in Calgary, Alberta. When I stop by an establishment that is part of a chain or a franchise, the usual response is to contact the head office. In 3 years of either leaving information or e mailing the advertising person I have yet to receive the time of day from any of them. That's not to say that some chain or franchises don't see the value in connecting with communities, but the ones I have gotten in contact with don't seem to make the effort to explore it.
I think the value of community advertising and support is greater for a larger company than a small business in the community. For a corporation to connect with and belong to a community is an enormous asset and enormous task that needs to be taken seriously. Yet I see many of these companies advertise in the same way in the same mediums year after year, rejecting the thought of opening their minds to new idea's. Many of these companies have closed their doors, others are close to. The difference between these companies and successful ones is the investment they made in good times to things that real people value. Things like environment (green), community, education, health and others, have kept these companies alive during the recession. Their continuing commitment to it will make them a massive success when business picks up. Why? Because real people connected with them and will be loyal in good times and bad. 
Wouldn't you love your customers to feel like your company "DESERVES" their support? One way is to concentrate your marketing efforts on what your customers feel is important and most importantly give them outstanding service. The lesson for small business is to not get yourself stuck in a system like these large companies AND dedicate the time to thoughtfully plan and look at all advertising opportunities available to you. Don't get in the habit of saying "we tried that and it didn't work" OR I know a business person who advertised in it once and got no response. These can be dangerous generalizations that can lead you down the path of no advertising at all. Properly evaluate why things didn't work and why they should work in the future. What mistakes did we make and what can we improve on? I hope you are making plans for next years advertising? Larry The Ad Man wishes you the best the holiday season has to offer and a successful 2011!

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