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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011, the evermoving target market.

The one thing marketers will look back on in 2011 is what they didn't know. Markets, the world wide web, nations and all people were a VERY moving target in 2011. Any medium that is not flexible may have resulted in a stale advertising piece. Those advertisers who were not ready to adapt, not ready to change with the the flow were doomed to suffer in obscurity. In 2011, conventional wisdom may have put you behind your competitors. It may have even put your entire industry behind staying competitive.

Moving forward into 2012, Marketers must keep reading, researching and keep things flexible to stay ahead of the game. The only thing that certain is uncertainty. Listen close to the wind. Until next year, I am Larry "The Ad Man" Happy New Year!!


  1. Thank you for sharing this article on marketing your business, I have been reading the barry labov blog blog blog and getting tips from there about business and marketing but also have been looking for every tip I can find. It's good to hear from multiple sources so you can get different perspectives on different subjects, every little bit counts!

  2. Like Mike, I have also been reading the Barry Labov blog for business tips. In the marketing world things change all the time and if you are not ready for it you will be left behind. Research really is a great way to stay ahead of the game. Thanks for the great post.