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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Building a profile for your business.

When we speak of building a profile today, it is in stark contrast to how it was done in the past. What took major corporations millions of dollars and many years can be done quickly and far less expensive today with Internet tools like the Blog, social media and websites added to mainstream tv channels, radio, newspapers and an array of specialty publications.

So what is a profile? It is essentially the message you want the public to think of when your business name comes to mind. The feeling they might have of a visit to your business, what someone else said about it, what you have said in social media, advertising or other avenues. The marketing MUST match up to the experience. I have said it in several other Blog posts, listen to what your customers tell you about your business. No amount of advertising will make up for a poor experience.

So how do you build that profile? First take stock of what you have and what you are. Not what you "think" you are but what you actually are. Dozens of times watching the Dragon's Den will show you how many people over value their business. The ones grounded in reality get the money. If you have ZERO in sales, you DO NOT have a million dollar business. So ask yourself honestly, ask your staff, ask your customers for an honest assessment and once you determine what the profile should be it's time to build it. Obviously your customers "should" know what it is, so your target for this profile are new customers.

Build a website, facebook page, twitter page that all function together with this profile predominant. From there add Blogs about your business complete with tips for customers. Place advertising in strategic mediums over a long period of time, again feature the profile you wish to promote and live it. As always, DO NOT place one ad and expect it to help your business. One ad is a start to the synergy that marketing will deliver to your business over time.

Some examples of a good company profile might be "leading edge", companies who innovate and grow their market through original ideas. If you have a restaurant or coffee shop, warm, comfortable, friendly, tasty food, great service might be part of your profile.

So if you advertise with me and you say you are leading edge and your customers and potential customers don't believe it, then there is no amount of money you can spend on advertising to change that. Be authentic and share it with the world. Until next time, I am Larry "The Ad Man."

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