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Sunday, June 26, 2011

What contributes to your buying habits?

Think about the things that you purchase, either once in awhile or on a regular basis. Start 3 columns, one things or stores you have purchased regularly for many years, next column, things you have changed purchases wether it be a brand or a store and finally, one time purchases. Once you have these columns set up think about why you have made these decissions. Dig deep into your memory. Was it word of mouth, ads you have read, ads you have seen or heard, proximety to your home or work? or was it a combination? What keeps you coming back or staying loyal? As well, is there a product or service you have swiched to that was no fault of the past brand or store?

What you may find in this excersize is the start of an advertising plan. The one thing you should find is that it took more than one thing and that it took multiple impressions of a business or product before you decided to give them your business. It may have been poor marketing or customer service from the competition that may have been the cause of the swich. If that is the case, the marketing and advertising of the competetor you swiched to is key. You can never know when customers are ready to make a change in buying habits, so your advetising has to be ready ALL the time. You also need to recognize the things you need to do to keep your current customers.

So the lessons from this excersize is to know what seperates your buinsess from the competition, know your customers, know your competition and have a consistant and long term marketing plan that uses all elements you learn to attract new customers and keep current ones. Until next time, I'm Larry "The Ad Man".

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