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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ad design 101

Ad design is something that can impact your response dramatically. Taking the time to go over all the elements like you are a customer that has NEVER heard of your business can help you avoid critical mistakes. Playing it safe can also be risky if you are looking for an immediate response. A few helpful tips in designing an ad, whether it's online, in print, on signage, on radio or television. My examples will be print as that is what I do.
1. Awareness: When starting an ad campaign in a new medium, remember that you audience may not have heard of you. Awareness is what you want to create. Elements are simple, Business name, address, phone, website, Blog, Twitter, facebook, what your business does, what separates it from the competition and a tag line (slogan). A logo and a picture as well if not a radio ad. When adding your address consider the town or city you are in. MANY businesses forget this simple element and run ads with mediums that have reach beyond their own city. Also consider using ALL forms of communication.. If you don't have a Blog about your product, you might consider it as a VERY strong way to introduce someone to your business and product.
2. Action: Once you have established awareness in a medium, give those who are now aware a reason to come in. Ask yourself how many times you've said, "I've been meaning to shop there"? yet never get around to it. What would entice you to get there? A special? An event? a freebie perhaps?
3. Keep 'em coming: Now that they have visited your business and made a purchase, tell them why they need to continue to purchase. Remind your current customers that you still appreciate your business. In fact, if you can turn a once a month visit into a once a week visit, you stand to get 4 times the business. Not an easy proposition, but one to take VERY seriously when making a plan.

So keep these points in mind when putting together your advertising plan. Take the time to design and consider every element of your ad and spend some dollars to place them and let them work for you. Until next week, I'm Larry "The Ad Man".

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