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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Marketing strategy lead by your customers and employees.

Learning all you can about your business on the internet can be essential in developing your marketing strategy. My friend (because facebook says so! lol) Stuart Crawford has a segment of his internet consulting business that helps companies manage what is said about them by employees, competetors and customers and helps strategise what they can do about it. One significant thing a business can do is use what is said to develop a marketing strategy around it. In some past posts I have spoken about knowing why your customers do business with you, but here I will discuss the negative or destructive comments and how you might turn that into a positive marketing strategy.
Lets say an employee posts some facebook messages about how hard it is to work at your business or how their boss is tough.. You might look to use a marketing strategy like "we expect the best from our employees as our customers expect from us" Customers may say "service is slow" to which you can promote "Our quality is well worth the wait". If you can turn a negative into a positive, you'll find that the support for your business may be more solid than it would if there was no pasion either way. Until next time I'm Larry "The Ad Man"

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