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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Easy inexpensive marketing for small businesses.

Welcome to my first post, of which should be a weekly treasure trove of Advertising and Marketing tips from the simple, to the complex long term campaigns. My main focus will be small and medium sized businesses.

As an advertising consultant for 11 community newsletters, I see daily marketing opportunities all around me. First off, if you advertise in a community newsletter, enhance it with promotions withing the community. In advertising the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts, so make your community ad sing when your logo and business name become part of the community. Most Community Associations host events which they need companies to donate items for. A good ad consultant can connect you to the right people and get a small campaign going within the community. Keep in mind when dealing with volunteers that they may not feel comfortable or have time to come to you. If the business owner makes the effort, chances are fantastic that they may get a BIG BANG for the buck and be the only business or at least one of the few promoted.

Examples of these opportunities include Volunteer Appreciation Nights, Movie Nights, Pub Nights, Stampede Breakfasts, Multicultural Festivals, Corn Roasts, Soccer leagues, Cubs and Scouts fundraisers, school fundraisers, silent auctions and MANY MANY more. Examples of what can be given are gift baskets that include your product or service, gift certificates to your business or your very product or service. You may wish to speak with other businesses in your neighborhood and combine your strengths in marketing this way.

I must stress, a full year long game plan and strategy is the BEST way to make the most of the dollars and time spent. Nothing hurts a great marketing campaign more than a knee jerk reaction. Stick with it and it will pay off long term. When giving items to community organizations, make sure you get a mention during the event, signage at the event and a mention in the newsletter. Also add it to your newsletter ad, if you have one, PROUD SPONSOR of said event.

Another big one, most Associations miss are offers from community businesses for paid members. 20% off with your membership, or a $5 gift card with your membership are examples of what one might offer to a community association. Free admission for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts in uniform may be another. Soccer players in uniform are half price on Tuesdays? Again, an aggressive marketer can take advantage of this and may be the ONLY business to benefit from it.

I hope your time reading this blog benefited you with an idea that might bear fruit. Next time I will discuss the missed opportunity of bagging! Until then, I am Larry the Ad man (

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