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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Advertising Premiums in the new millenium.

This has been the most changing area in advertising since the Nineties. In the Seventies and Eighties, pens, calendars, fridge magnets, daytimers and key chains ruled the day. Many companies have scaled back their use of these items, which in itself, means it is an attractive area to explore again. There are many great new innovative idea's to get attention. I came across a great key chain that included a game. The key chain housed an Olympic quarter, and a puzzle to get the quarter out, with the phrase Vancouver 2010 on it and the company logo. I recently attended an event in which these became part of the entertainment.
 Here's a happy man who got his quarter out!

Now this example is one of hundreds of new idea's in the area and I encourage you to research them and find one to make your own. Another one I like is USB drives complete with your logo. My wife received one at her work from a hotel. On the drive itself were a video, brochure and several beautiful photo's of the hotel. Here is a list of items on one companies website ( Air Fresheners, BulletApparel BulletAwareness Bracelets BulletBack To School BulletBlank BraceletsBulletBagsBulletBookmarksBulletBracelets BulletBumper StickersBulletCalendarsBulletCan HoldersBulletCaps & HatsBulletClothing BulletChristmas Ornaments BulletChristmas StockingBulletChurch Promos BulletCorn Plastic BulletEmbroidered ItemsBulletEvent Bracelets BulletFlashlights BulletGifts BulletGreeting CardsBulletHoliday BagsBulletHoliday StockingBulletID Braelets BulletInk Pens BulletKey Chains BulletMagnets BulletMosquito Bracelets BulletMugs and CupsBulletNeoprene Bracelets BulletOrnaments BulletPants and Shorts BulletPencils BulletPlaying Cards Ribbons BulletPolo Shirts BulletRubber Bracelets BulletSchool Spirit BulletShaped Ink PensBulletShaped Wristbands BulletShirts BulletSilicone Bracelets BulletSilicone Rings BulletSlap Bracelets BulletStadium Cups BulletTote Bags BulletTravel Certificates BulletUSB Drives BulletVinyl BraceletsBulletWristbands)   Advertising premiums are only one part of the Synergy package, so remember, the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. Which leads me to recall a conversation I had at the Saddledome a few season's back. A fellow sitting behind me was commenting to his friend that the Zamboni going around the rink between periods, painted up with an energizer bunny would not make him go out and buy their batteries. I interjected with my explanation of Synergy, and spoke about Energizer and Duracell who spend a lot on advertising. Then asked if he was in a store to buy batteries, would he buy Energizer, Duracell or Ray O Vac? He replied "Stop, you're freaking me out man". Advertising is subtle and works best when the customer doesn't know it's working. That requires an advertising plan. Until next time, I'm Larry The Ad Man.

UPDATE:  I don't often update posts but this new premium has really got my attention. It is called the Banner Pen. It allows you to get a lot of information on a multi use items that was really limited in the past. I received one yesterday from my Member of Parliament that had his picture and a calendar on the reverse. I have seen one from Calgary Womens Shelter with all the information for victims of domestic abuse can get help. A nice subtle way to get a sensitive message out. LTAM

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